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Alison Duke is an award-winning independent film,
video and multi-media artist based in Toronto Canada.
Hi there. My company is called Goldelox Productions and my mission is to make films, videos and media products which can entertain, educate and keep performing for years to come. For more information about how to screen my projects or how you can take your film, video or multi-media idea to delivery, send me an email or contact me through facebook or twitter. I specialize in.

1) Film and Video Directing,
2) Content Producing,
3) Editing, and
4) Digital Branding.



Consent: HIV Non-Disclosure and Sexual Assault Law, is now live at www.consentfilm.org (ENG) and www.consentfilm.org/fr (FRA). Check out the tour dates.

November, 26th, 2015

Consent Screens at the Art Gallery of Ontario @ 7PM


Anti-Colonial Project (ACP) Anti-Racism Shorts

Filming begins with the Aboriginal Teachers Associates in Saskatoon and the Colour of Poverty in Toronto to created educational resources about racism in Canada for the classroom.

CHECK OUT new documentary blog Black Dox by Nicole Franklin highlighting our work.


The Women on the Move ~ a powerful 1/2 hr documentary commissioned by the Redwood following the remarkable transformation of three women who fled domestic abuse situations and became inspired by a leadership training program.

Positive Women: exposing injustice ~ this incredibly insightful documentary commissioned by The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network investigates the disclosure issues of HIV positive women within the Canadian law. Over 70 screenings across Canada and a US tour with dates in San Franscico, New Orleans, Denver and Washington DC, PW is still touring across the United States. On December 1st, 2013 it screened on Greece's ETR television network for World's AIDs Day. Click link on home page for a sneak peak. For bookings visit: www.positivewomenthemovie.org

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home ~ A seminal award winning environmental documentary. Seen by over 2 million people worldwide. For more info go to: www.garbagerevolution.com

My Joan of Arc ~ Available for licensing and aquisition. Click link on home page for trailer. Listen to Director Dany Chiasson talk about the process of making this film on www.cbc.ca/tapestry/episode/2012/09/15/my-joan-of-arc

Raizin' Kane: a rapumentary ~ Remastered DVDs of this classic Canadian hip hop documentary now available. Contact us to order your copy. Please note this title contains some strong language and content. Click link on home page for sneak peak. Trailer: www.youtube.com/watchv=tI0Kx8z1fDQ&feature=youtu.be

Batty Boyz Revenge ~ Congratulations to Troy Jackson and our creative team for winning the Fan Fave award at the 2013 RightOUT TV and Music Awards last week. Click link on home page to view. Check out Troy's acceptance speech here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BM4s6QbXGk

GET YOUR NAME UP IN LIGHTS ~ We are still accepting DONATIONS for this film through the Paypal donation button below. Remember to add your mailing address. Thanks so much in advance for your continued support!

Email the copy of your donation receipt for a Thank You credit in the film.


Films Currently Available for Licensing

Positive Women: Exposing Injustice from AIDSLAW on Vimeo.